eclectics mix – 131 | David Freeland |

This weeks mix No.131 is from David Freeland – Sundowners David has been DJing regularly since 1989. He has a DIY approach, searching out groups of like-minded people creating events and residences. Four years ago he joined forces with like-minded DJ Ben Horner to create the monthly day/night Sundowners, which like everything else has beenContinue reading “eclectics mix – 131 | David Freeland |”

eclectics Mix 128 | Jack Priest |

In the summer of 2012, Jack was taken under the wing of “neon- haired” techno-boss Green Velvet with his debut EP quickly gaining global support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and in the online charts. Since then after joining Brooklyn’s Crew Love collective Jack moved into a more progressive and less-tough flavour ofContinue reading “eclectics Mix 128 | Jack Priest |”

eclectics mix – 112 | Christian Beetz | FRWCTRL |

FRWCTRL from Hamburg (born near Frankfurt and live there his first 33 years) he started collecting records at the age of 15, after his first disco night out with some older friends who took him to the legendary ‘Dorian Gray’ at the Frankfurt airport, back in the 90’s. After this night he was fixed inContinue reading “eclectics mix – 112 | Christian Beetz | FRWCTRL |”

eclectics mix – 110 | Mikey Sibson | Elevator East |

Sibson’s selections combine jazz, funk and rock & roll sensibilities with a flair for blissed-out global frequencies. At 23, he has DJ’d at esteemed balearic institutions across Europe and East Asia, as well as holding up residencies at clubnights in his original hometown of Leeds. When he is not overseeing the selectors series at hisContinue reading “eclectics mix – 110 | Mikey Sibson | Elevator East |”

Troy Clark | eclectics mix – 107 |

It says on the label eclectic so I did eclectic!! It’s a wandering through my musical mind. Which gave me a chance to play some of my favourite tunes from the last 40 yrs or so,  current music that I just love with real passion. It also gave me the biggest headache deciding what toContinue reading “Troy Clark | eclectics mix – 107 |”

eclec0104 | Yam Who? | 29|09|18

    DJ’s, musicians, producers, collectors, students & owners of 2 mighty labels Ism Records and Midnight Riot, Yam Who? gained international notoriety for their ground breaking re-edits & remixes and production skills in early 2003 and no one knew where they came from! Credited with creating a genre free musical style all of theirContinue reading “eclec0104 | Yam Who? | 29|09|18”

Premiere : Gallo – Sagajar, taken from the ‘Various Vibrations’ EP Out on Clandestino’s label on the 28th of September.

“Sagajar”, Gallo surrounds a whirlpool of outerspace bubbles in darkly glowing pads, while melodic sequences join hand drums covered in layers of fog. It’s like drifting beneath the ocean’s surface, with melodious currents and percussive bass synths carrying you through an underwater wonderland filled with shimmering sea-plants and swirls of rainbow hued jellyfish. – OctagonContinue reading “Premiere : Gallo – Sagajar, taken from the ‘Various Vibrations’ EP Out on Clandestino’s label on the 28th of September.”

eclec0103 | Octagon Eyes | 10|09|18

Octagon Eyes lives tucked away in the mountains of Colorado and has spent the better part of the last decade exploring the outer reaches of prog and psychedelia with the musical collective Sungod. Somewhere along the way an interest in writing developed and The Sun Lounge began, which is a vinyl focused blog allowing himContinue reading “eclec0103 | Octagon Eyes | 10|09|18”

Paradise Lost by Faint Waves… eclectics music… out 6|08|18.

FAINT WAVES NEW EP ON ECLECTICS IS THE STUFF OF DREAMS Eclectics has been quietly getting on with the business of releasing essential music for over a year now, establishing itself as a label that has quality as the only constant in a wide-ranging back catalogue. 

This latest release is no exception, but that’s notContinue reading “Paradise Lost by Faint Waves… eclectics music… out 6|08|18.”

Premiere: String Theory by AfterLife | Out 6th of July on Subatomic…

When thinking Balearic, there is a name that should strike you right away. No, not Ibiza itself, but the man responsible for producing and curating some of the lushest sunset music the White Island has ever heard – Steve Miller, perhaps most commonly known as Afterlife. Making a name for himself in the early 2000’sContinue reading “Premiere: String Theory by AfterLife | Out 6th of July on Subatomic…”

Q&A’s Joe Morris | Cloud Nine Ep | Wonder Stories…

We had a quick catch up with Joe, in the lead up to his release on Aman Ellis’s label Wonder Stories.. The ‘Cloud Nine’ Ep will be out on wax out on the 25th of June Listen & Buy Here…. 1.Three  house heroes you’d like to invite to dinner and why? Larry Levan, Ron TrentContinue reading “Q&A’s Joe Morris | Cloud Nine Ep | Wonder Stories…”

Bombo Espacio Ep | Aimes | Reviews | Clips |Out Now…

eclectics 006 eclectics reach their half dozen with an EP from Aimes (Rothmans, Wonder Stories), otherwise known as Aman Ellis. With a reputation for exquisite, subtle psychedelic backgrounds and carefully constructed grooves, his music has also proved irresistible for others to reinterpret. In fact, Brassica’s remix of “Tunnel Down” for Rothmans is up there withContinue reading “Bombo Espacio Ep | Aimes | Reviews | Clips |Out Now…”