eclectics mix – 114 | Horton Jupiter |

MUSIC POLICY: Cosmic / Hypnotic / Electric / Eclectic / Balearic / Disco / Adelic / FUN
Horton Jupiter is British DJ / Collector of records of broad range, predominantly disco / dance music in its all forms, with psychedelic spectacles.

He has been making mixtapes since age 9, and did his first tape edit (of The Human League) 2 yrs later, 30 years before he’d even HEARD of DJ Harvey or Tom Moulton!

After starting out as a balearic / anything goes party DJ in ’89, he subsequently spent 7 years playing hypnotic techno & psychedelic breaks in the east London underground party scene, 4 years playing Krautrock and all it’s relatives as one of the original Club Kosmische residents, 11 years as head idiot of Erisian pop outfit They Came From The Stars I Saw Them, 4 years running the UK’s first ever home restaurant, and 5 years as resident at south London’s legendary underground dance Puwaba.



eclectics mix – 113 | Matthieu Beck |

Matthieu Beck is a French musician, journalist and DJ based in London, and the man behind the very gentle Love In The Afternoon podcast dedicated to slow music to soundtrack minimal amounts of activity.

Here’s a selection he did for us at eclectics.

eclectics mix – 112 | Christian Beetz | FRWCTRL |

FRWCTRL from Hamburg (born near Frankfurt and live there his first 33 years) he started collecting records at the age of 15, after his first disco night out with some older friends who took him to the legendary ‘Dorian Gray’ at the Frankfurt airport, back in the 90’s.

After this night he was fixed in dance music, mostly into techno at the time. Over the years he was expanded his horizons in all kinds of dance music and collecting records in all kinds of styles like 80’s pop, balearic, Italo, disco.

When he isn’t busy recording podcasts, doing some funny edits (released on Bordello a Parigi, Balearic Blah Blah and Villalegre recordings) and/or working on his blog you can find him working the turntables in Hamburg, together with Julius Singer and Claude Kaiser as ‘Take A Disco’ and as FRWCTRL sometimes in different cities all over Germany.

eclectics mix – 111 | Francesco Fucà | Controra |

Francesco Fuca’ is an Italian vinyl collector and selector based in south London. He started DJ’ing in his early teen’s, years after he decided to pick up a guitar and jumped into being musician but always keeping his love for digging firmly in sight. After many experiences in several bands, he decided to go back behind the turntables.

In the last few years Francesco played in a variety of London’s venues such as Spiritland, Rye Wax, and The Star of Bethnal Green, he is having made some guest shows on Balamii Radio and he is running an occasional radio show for the Tokyo based Hamon Radio.

Currently you can find him and his bag full of goodies every first Wednesday of the month at Söderberg in Soho among the iconic record shops of Berwick street. His eclectics selection which is ranging from Balearic atmosphere to ambient music, Japanese avant-garde and pop music from 80’s, Jazz and abstract jazz looking also into cosmic disco & afro vibes.

So here it is…..

eclectics mix – 110 | Mikey Sibson | Elevator East |

Sibson’s selections combine jazz, funk and rock & roll sensibilities with a flair for blissed-out global frequencies. At 23, he has DJ’d at esteemed balearic institutions across Europe and East Asia, as well as holding up residencies at clubnights in his original hometown of Leeds.

When he is not overseeing the selectors series at his website, you might find Mikey showcasing rare vinyl cuts alongside guests and diggers such as Don Carlos, Leo Mas and Frankie Valentine on his radio shows and Elevator East clubnight in London.

His own productions range from the balearic rock & roll chaos of The Alloways to the eclectic, dancefloor ready Elevator Edits imprint, yet a common thread runs through all of Sibson’s work: a desire to challenge the norm, discover new sounds and create unique musical moments wherever he goes.

Here’s the mix Mickey put together for us at eclectics. enjoy Gx


L’Orient by Twonk & Friends|Coming soon on eclectics music | Clips & Biog |


Twonk is a collective of DJs and music producers with a broad musical palette. Their productions combine that with vintage analogue and modern technology and their DJ sets take you on an deep, psychedelic and funky eclectic musical journey.
Beard Science Razor sharp edits
Stupid Human Music
Is it Balearic ? / Magic Wand

L’Orient Clip

With roots in post-punk & reggae, Jpye has been in bands or producing for over 20 years. Influenced by the mid-90 Paris french house scene, he started incorporating electronic instruments and drum machines into his music and started DJing. He has been releasing materials over the years on several labels under the Twonk moniker and performing on Stupid Human and Leonidas & Hobbes prods.

Ooh La La Clip

Analogue producer and audiophile partyman, Leonidas, fell in love with disco aged 5 and his life’s journey has taken him via house music, David Mancuso’s London loft parties plus his own long running lovetoparty house parties, events and even edits label.

His debut “Sequential EP” was released on Kay Suzuki’s Round In Motion label in 2012, to acclaim from a broad range of musicians and DJs, from Manuel Gottsching to Theo Parrish. He subsequently collaborated on 2 vinyl EPs (Synqlock Vol I & II) with Kay Suzuki to wide acclaim. Another long term collaboration with his close friend and label owner Hobbes has yielded 3 vinyl EPs, their 3rd (The Rags of Time EP) spawning the underground balearic disco hit “Web of Intrigue” which was voted no 1 in Bill Brewster’s Furtive top 50 original tracks of 2017 DJ poll.

These productions have resulted in several remix requests, with 3 forthcoming remixes on Stupid Human Records, Innsbruck’s Mont Lake Records and Portuguese house label Percebes. He is currently working on his debut album.

Bugjam (Twonk Acid Mix) Clip

A regular on the London underground boogie, deep house and disco/nu-disco scene for over 15 years, and has been collecting records and djing throughout that time. He brings not only great dancefloor knowledge, but also creative ideas in the studio.

Woo Wah Wah Clip


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DiSQUEO | eclectics mix – 109 |

Stuart M Lowndes aka DiSQUEO has been collecting records & Djing since he was 17 originally from Coventry, UK. He has played in various spots in London and countries across the globe, once part of the Brooklyn lo-fi electronic groups Deepfat & Junkbond.
He now lives in Belgium and has a monthly Dj slot on Kiosk Radio, Brussels, plays over at Red Light Radio in Amsterdam, We Are Various, DRRRIP & a regular guest at Middle Eats in Antwerpen, Bonnefooi, Brussels & The Diversion party in the UK.
For Stuart it’s all about the music 150%, he’s put together an hour mix weaving in out of various quirky sevens & twelves that he would play in a longer set at one of his nights especially compacted for us here at eclectics, enjoy x

Baby June – Hey Whats Your Name (Ed Mahon Remix) ‘Hearing Colour Vol 3’ Free Download.

As well as storming the charts in the early 90s as part of D:Ream, Al MacKenzie was part of ‘Baby June’ and delivered an underground house classic in the summer of 1992 on Arista, “Hey! What’s your name”.

Fast forward 25 years and Al was kind enough to let me try and bring the original version back to the dancefloors of today and dug out a few tapes with some (but not all) of the original samples to have a play with.

I must say an enormous thank you to K-Klass piano legend ‘Davos’, who was able to re-create the killer piano riff and, help with the strings and breakdown.
It was an interesting challenge to subtly add my own elements to the track and great to see it get such a buzzing reaction on its first outing, at the Alfresco 2017 Main stage as well as regular airplay and support from the man I first heard play it back in the day, Graeme Park.
As always I asked Rich Lane to add his trademark kick and mastering from the mighty Cotton Bud studio!

This was always one of my favourite house tracks and I’m hoping this new version will help a new audience to discover this forgotten gem.- Ed Mahon

Title: Hey! What’s Your Name (Ed Mahon remix)
Artist: Baby June
Mastered by Cotton Bud
Piano by Davos
Remixed at Studio 3, Blackpool

Breese |Cape Town | eclectics mix – 108 |

BREESE, DJ-producer-label with a modern, evolving, originality. His achingly tasteful imprint BALEARIC, released it’s fourth Ibiza sunset inspired compilations in 2018, scouring fans globally and receiving high praise with it’s purist mind-set teamed with timeless curation.

In the club, there’s a powerful anarchy to the BREESE DJ set. He comes loaded with a slew of uniquely created bootlegs and private edits. Roaming tempos where styles unite, House music at it’s core. He’s often equipped with studio effects and sirens, adding a leftfield quality to solid selections, layers of dub echo, delays and frequency sweeps, pushing speaker air and sending the dance floor nuts.

This is what Jim had to say on his mix and his influences putting it together.

There’s heavy selections of African-influenced tunes included here. Several tracks originate from Cape Town where I put the mix together – a mega destination that inspires me every time I visit. Others have links to Johannesburg, a place I cant wait to go record shopping due to its strong digging culture and my love of South African produced rarities. The mix is pretty dance floor, and you can expect to hear these get rinsed throughout my DJ sets & summer Balearic parties.

J.K. Mandengué — Afrika
Kabbala — Ashewo Ara (Mix 88)
Toby Foreh — Ore Mi
Milton — Mizik Nou
Average — Haye Haye
Kiki Gyan — Disco Dancer
Pasteur Lappe — Na Real Sekele Fo Ya
Jean-Pierre Boistel / Tony Kenneybrew — Des Perce-bois
Larry Maluma & Kalimba — Kamusale
Angelique — Batonga (The Jungle Club Mix) (Breese Edit)
Om Alec Khaoli — Say You Love Me
Kabbala — Voltan Dance
Nakombe Nga — Les Choc Stars du Zaire
Ntombi Ndaba — Tomorrow
Hugh Masekela — Don’t Go Lose It Baby
Tabuley Rochereau — Hafi Deo (Nick The Record & Dan Tyler Re-Edit Dub)


Twonk & Friends ‘Out 29th March’ [ec0011]


Spring isn’t just in the air, it’s in every step of the four tracks on this relay race of an EP. eclectics have come up with the goods once again by approaching Twonk (Jpye, Leonadis and IamrobD), who drafted in Stupid Human in order to produce a textured and layered release that is as varied and ambitious as it is coherent and focused.


The musical reference points are big, bold and broad: from insistent and twitching acid rumbles, heavy boogie inflections and the flat, sheer surface of ambient synths, to vocoders, pitched-down disco and polished guitar shining with 80s pop sheen and Balearic sparkle.
Jpye and Leonidas are first up with the mid-paced “L’Orient”, in which crystalline synths builds to a wobbling peak with admirable restraint while phased acid pulses shift around the summit. Percussive guitar allows the pads to really take off without fear of losing the plot. It’s deep as you like while reaching as high as it can.

Jpye joins forces with Stupid Human for “Ooh La La”. The introduction appears like an answer to the age-old question, “What would Boards of Canada sound like with Vakula on bass and Aphex Twin on keys?” It proves to be a drop of the shoulder however – a beautiful feint, before the track sidesteps in the direction of slow-dance, blissed out boogie with heavy-lidded eyes and slinking shoulders. Funk-flecked guitar stabs and synth squeals are given beautiful backdrops, all childish voices and underwater colours.

Meanwhile, Stupid Human offers up “Bugjam” to the group for a remix, and the results are astonishing. Part acid house jam, part dubbed-out leftfield disco, the almost subterranean vocal refrain urges feet to the floor as it ushers in a newfound urgency in a tune that is precision-engineered to get things moving. It’s about three years too short, but we might be splitting hairs.

Last up is Twonk with “Woo Wah Wah”, a slow thumper of a track with a bottom end so heavy it’s a wonder it can stand. Hazy top notes find room to breathe as gentle keys and rhythmic guitar stabs sit on top of pulsing bass notes and the slow dance starts again in earnest. Heads nod, feet move, hearts bloom – it’s that kind of a party…
Eclectics release Twonk and Friends by Twonk and Stupid Human on March 29th

For more info on eclectics visit:

For more info on Twonk visit:





Tropic Nice by Sorcerer, Out Now on eclectics music. [ec0010]



Resolutions are for January, resolve is a longer-term strategy. With that in mind, Eclectics begins the year with motivation and singular purpose. Having identified a Sorcerer-shaped hole in their catalogue, they’ve done the right thing and asked the producer, aka Daniel Judd, to work his magic for their first release of 2019.

With influences ranging from 80s electro-pop to krautrock, yacht rock and all points inbetween, there’s a seamless fusion about the way Judd brings all this to bear in his music.

Don’t be fooled by the relatively sparse intro to “Tropic Nice”. As soon as the simple keys and staccato guitar start up, the whole thing begins to gather smooth and slow momentum. Guitar parts layer for melody and texture while the bass and drums begin to reveal their mission statement. All of a sudden you’re caught in the spell of music for the slow disco – songs for swinging clubbers.

The “Softest Rebound” boasts a bass sound so 1980s it could get a mortgage on its own council house if it wanted. But this isn’t pastiche, no dressing up in old clothes for a historic battle reenactment, it’s the real deal. It’s bright and shiny, with soft corners and smooth finishes

Jac the Disco takes up the reins on “Tropic Nice”, upping the pace and straightening the posture for a journey into deep and occasionally cosmic territory. An urgent drum track isn’t so insistent that it won’t make way for synth-laden, blissful breakdowns, but manages to keep feet on the floor throughout.

Neil Diablo is on remix duties for “Softest Rebound” in his new, Balearic-focused NOTI (North of the Island) guise. The lilting, delay-soaked results take the original to another place entirely – perfect for an early-hours sway around the discerning dancefloor.

Troy Clark | eclectics mix – 107 |

It says on the label eclectic so I did eclectic!! It’s a wandering through my musical mind. Which gave me a chance to play some of my favourite tunes from the last 40 yrs or so,  current music that I just love with real passion.

It also gave me the biggest headache deciding what to play,of any mix in the last few years, probably the reason why it’s the most eclectic mix I’ve done since my Back to Mine selection 2 yrs ago. Seriously though I’ve done some proper diggin backwards and found thing’s I’d forgotten about it’s a selection of old ‘n’ new colliding together.

I’ve been dJ’n since my late 20’s and to be asked to do a mix for this series for the eclectics Label is certainly up there with invites I’ve had over the year’s. It’s a mix that reflects me I guess and music that lives with me from my jazz funk and soul youth to where I am now. So enjoy my head space. The links below are for my Mixcloud and Group on Facebook..cheers… Troy x