Steve Bignell | eclectics mix – 106 |

Steve started club DJ’ing in the early 90’s with a residency at Birmingham’s Breathless/What A Life nights and Full of Beans whilst also playing at other Midland venues before hanging his club headphones up to reside at Birmingham’s first late night bar “Circo” where he played 5hr sets weekly for 5/6 years, shaping the sound he is now known for.

Steve hung his headphones up proper in 2000 and after a 12 year hiatus he took to the decks once more for a one off at a popular freestyle night in Birmingham. It went down well and has been DJing regularly ever since as one half of the “Our Friends are Eclectic” collective with reputation for playing music across all genres. In addition to playing a variety of bars across Birmingham this also seen them provide DJ support a variety of This is Tmrw nights for bands such as Horsebeach, Ducktails, Cavern of Anti Matter, Ultimate Painting, Moon Duo and Cigarettes After Sex.

More recently Steve and his DJ partner in crime, Chris Bridge, took an idea they had been thinking about for a long time and put it into action, thier own take on Desert Island Discs. As a keen 6music listener, Steve really loved the listener orientated take overs and having taken part in Lauren Laverne’s “Bio-rhythms” slot where listeners get to choose 3 tracks that strike a physical, emotional and intellectual connection he had a bit of a “lightbulb moment” , wouldn’t it be good if we could recreate something in a more virtual bar type environment getting as many people involved as possible? and the Desert Island Disc idea grew a root. The idea of getting 5 or so people to choose and play their eight Desert Island Discs in a chilled out bar setting was a pipe dream for many years. Then over a few beers Steve discussed it with Chris who loved the basic concept and then put more meat to the bone, more structure and turned it into a realistic proposition. The boys wanted to stay as true to the original R4 concept as possible. They want to hear those personal eight tracks that you would take away with you. Tunes that mean a lot to you and that you can listen to over and over and over again.

So Steve and Chris decided to run it on a bi-monthly basis putting on 5 “Castaways” per session.The Castaways are always a mix of DJ’s, Non DJ’s and Artists. This is a vital component of the concept, not just limited to those who DJ. Into its eighth enstallment now, strictly a vinyl only affair, Desert Island Discs has seen the likes of Stuart Robinson, DJ Dick, Graeme Fisher, Al Macenzie, Brian Nordorf (of Electribe 101) and Richard March (Pop Will Eat Itself / Bently Rhytmn Ace) share thier 8 Desert Island Discs. Having enjoyed thier first birthday in December, they were graced with an appearnce of Ashley Beedle and thier next installment in March sees Danielle Moore from Crazy P share her treasured 8 also. The concept is well loved, going from strenght to strength and Steve and Chris are hoping to bring it to London later this year!

That’s the man behind this selection and heres an hour and a half of his choice cuts… KEEP DIGGING!!!!


Budino |eclectics mix – 105 |

The first I’d heard of Valentina Budino  aka Budino was via mix posted on Test pressing last June. Ivan Berko wrote the ‘get to know’ article that accompanied it, he wrote…

“I am certain that Valentina is one of the best new DJs to come along in years. She absolutely stunned us in NYC when she played our party. Everyone from 22 years olds to 52 years olds were draw dropped. She is an actual DJ as one friend who grew up in the west coast psychedelic House scene in San Fran said. Her mixing ability and selection is bar none to her peers and then some. I’ve never met someone so young with such raw talent. The future is so bright for her”.

Va, was kind enough to anwser a few questions for us..


This is Va’s selection for us, it’s very special enjoy dudes x


‘pacific bright’ by James Bright

eclectics 008 – Pacific Bright Listen and buy here x

eclectics get to number 8 and do so in style with the Pacific Bright EP. James Bright might be new to the label, but the UK based producer, musician and DJ is an old hand, having been involved with the downtempo scene since 2000 under his own name and as one half of downbeat stalwarts LUX. Even if you don’t know the name, it’s likely you’ve heard his music – either on one of the countless TV programmes and adverts it has graced or on one of the many Café del Mar compilations he has featured on .

For eclectics, James has produced four tracks, each with a distinct personality but that form a beautiful and powerful cohesive whole – like Optimus Prime but made out of music. The release is already getting support from the likes of Phil Mison, Manu Archeo and David Pickering

First is “Mnemba”, where synths breeze by, adding additional sway to an already undulating groove. The pace is measured, it’s a tune to sip and relax into. Occasional shades of Art of Noise float by, but with the metallic edges burred by half a blister pack of Xanax. At under six minutes, it never overstays its welcome and, as it drifts away, there’s a slight sense of loss.

Until, that is, “La Digue” begins. A bass line almost percussive in its persistence carries this playful piece with its sophisticated hints of Wally Badarou – both high-life and hi-life. The ever-resolving call and response satisfies both head and heart in a tune that offers the perfect answer to slow dancers.

Then “Mo’oera” ramps up the drama, keyboard washes build and overlap, pushing and pulling before the delicate machinery of the percussion calls order and corrals in order to make space for a sub bass and beautiful decorative flecks of flamenco guitar.

“Rotan” closes the show in style. Whether the sun is setting or rising, the quiet drama and subtle show that Bright brings to the fore is perfect. Layer upon layer of supporting performances sit in harmony, each quietly creating something truly sublime without ever dominating or taking over. It’s a microcosm of the EP as a whole.


released October 29, 2018

Produced by James Bright
Mastered by James Bright
Copy by Jah Shabby
Artwork by Tony Morris
Image by Diego Molina


eclec0104 | Yam Who? | 29|09|18



DJ’s, musicians, producers, collectors, students & owners of 2 mighty labels Ism Records and Midnight Riot, Yam Who? gained international notoriety for their ground breaking re-edits & remixes and production skills in early 2003 and no one knew where they came from!
Credited with creating a genre free musical style all of their own, the duo are inspired by Quincy Jones, Funkadelic, Herbie Hancock, , Theo Parrish, Leroy Burgess, Maurice Fulton, Greg Wilson, Tensnake, Earth, Wind & Fire, Patrick Adams & Prince.

Driven to achieve a clear musical identity, and a high level of sonic quality Yam Who? set up Ism Records in 2009 whilst their latest endeavour is the Midnight Riot label, was created in 2012.

Their epic Midnight Riot epic compilations constantly hit the Juno No 1 album spot & are thrilling journeys into unknown territory, a place where eclectic broader minds meet, working their way smoothly through the world of Techno, Italo, Ghetto, Funk and Balearic. Falling somewhere between edit-not-edits, illicit remixes and original productions, with additional nu-disco and deep house touches, all the releases feature killer breakdown’s laced with big time euphoria.
The 2 rapidly growing labels release music from around the world from the likes of, NYC Odyssey, Joey Negro, Imagination, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Kon, Ron Basejam, Rayko, Ashley Beedle , Faze Action, Pete Herbert, Soul Clap, Danielle Baldelli, John Morales, Deadly Sins, PBR Streetgang, Leo Zero, Mark E, Dead Rose Music Company and countless others.

Yam Who? have touched, remixed and sprinkled magic studio dust over the years on the some of the biggest and most obscure artists in the game including, John Legend, Azymuth, The Roots, Joss Stone, Sunburst Band, Crazy P, Zero 7, Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff, Amp Fiddler, Jill Scott, Raphael Saadiq, Grace Jones.

And here’s the mix..





Premiere : Gallo – Sagajar, taken from the ‘Various Vibrations’ EP Out on Clandestino’s label on the 28th of September.

“Sagajar”, Gallo surrounds a whirlpool of outerspace bubbles in darkly glowing pads, while melodic sequences join hand drums covered in layers of fog. It’s like drifting beneath the ocean’s surface, with melodious currents and percussive bass synths carrying you through an underwater wonderland filled with shimmering sea-plants and swirls of rainbow hued jellyfish. – Octagon Eyes.

Link to buy the ‘Various Vibrations’ EP


September Loves.

Gallo – Sagajar
Coyote – Inside This
SYLVESTER – Need Somebody Tonight – Psychemagik Dub Remix
Mántas & Venclà – Sun
Pretending ( Tape-Version )
KAAN – Adab I Rakl ‘Field Of Dreams Remix’
Christophe – Zorla
GP002 – B2 – Slim Dusty

eclec0103 | Octagon Eyes | 10|09|18

Octagon Eyes lives tucked away in the mountains of Colorado and has spent the better part of the last decade exploring the outer reaches of prog and psychedelia with the musical collective Sungod. Somewhere along the way an interest in writing developed and The Sun Lounge began, which is a vinyl focused blog allowing him to dive deep into the cosmic, new age, ambient, and balearic music he loves so much (with a focus on current releases).

In that spirit, this continuous vinyl mix collects some of the most ecstatic and euphoric seaside bangers of the year and wraps them around with naturalistic ambiance and aquamarine clouds of new age atmosphere. It’s an adventurous journey, transporting the listener to some interstellar beach party with radiant starlight raining down and bodies moving in harmony through the feverish night.

Seahawks – Eternal Beams | Ocean Moon
Beach Wizards – The Diamond Sea | Tracy Island
Sign Libra – Outro: Oophaga Pumilio | Antinote
Ilija Rudman (feat. Andre Espeut) – Tears to Sound (Aquapella Mix) | NuNorthern Soul
Ilija Rudman – Motions (Don Carlos Ambient Mix) | Is It Balearic?
Jura Soundsystem – Jungle Ambient Tool I Temples of Jura
Okinawa Delays (feat. Satoko Ishimine) – Lotta Love (Psychemagik Dub Mix) | Music for Dreams
Jura Soundsystem – Udaberri Blues (Space Mix) | Temples of Jura
Ghost Vision – Shakuhachi | Love on the Rocks
Tony Esposito – Dove c’è luce (LucaEffeSunset Balearic Seagulls and Children Mix) | Archeo Recordings
Krystal Klear – Division Ave | Running Back
Sth. Notional – Yawn Yawn Yawn (Dream…Another Reality Mix) [Wave Outro] | Archeo Recordings
Kito Jempere – Ampa (Max Essa Remix) | Hell Yeah Recordingsphoto

eclec102 | Giango | 2|09|19

BIO : Giango’s musical journey began in ’88 with the balearic infused sound of acid house. Thereafter it was collecting vinyl and producing/remixing with his friends out of a studio, converted from a WW2 air raid shelter, in Lillie Road Fulham. Diversity is his key, from world music, sunshine soul through electro and psychedelic folk-funk.  A sucker for brasilian vibes from the 60s/70s, CSN style guitars and harmonies. Always with an ear out for music peppered with flute & lush strings…and the beat goes on.

Paradise Lost by Faint Waves… eclectics music… out 6|08|18.


Eclectics has been quietly getting on with the business of releasing essential music for over a year now, establishing itself as a label that has quality as the only constant in a wide-ranging back catalogue. 

This latest release is no exception, but that’s not to say it isn’t exceptional. All the way from Daytona Beach in Florida, Justin Weems aka Faint Waves, brings music to fall for in a big way.

“Paradise Lost” begins with metronomic bongos before a pillow of bass provides the softest of landings for the incoming, chiming notes to fall on. A softly plucked guitar picks up the melodic themes, busy without rushing, it’s all about pace, not haste. It’s music that is truly transportative, evoking rich summer sunsets, gentle breezes and utter contentment.

“Sea of Dreams” carries through these sonic structures and tell-tale tones with another spectacularly soporific journey. This time, with a muted horn section and gentle vibraphone spreading out the chords and filling in the spaces.

The Dream Chimney dub mix of “Paradise Lost” shows a very different side with drums and handclaps that are full of 80s pop and true Balearic spirit. The keyboards and guitar of the original appear as echoed moments, pinballing around the song as you sway from side to side aware of nothing but the music and your own grin. Music for the self, not the selfies.

Anthony Puglisi, otherwise known Rollmottle (SENTRALL RECORDS), ratchets things up further still with a remix of “Sea of Dreams” that moves from a twitchy, insistent beginning to arpeggiated bassline bliss. The deep, slow-hammer of the low register adds an urgency to proceedings that engages the listener with the original elements in an entirely different way. In other words, it’s exactly what a remix should be.

eclectics release ec0007 by Faint Waves on 6|08|2018

For more info on Eclectics visit:

For more info on Faint Waves visit:

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eclec101 | Mathew Crouse | 30|07|18

You may know Matthew Crouse as the co-founder of Psych-dance outfit Risky Disko (Philadelphia, USA).  They recently released an EP of edits on Brazilian label About Disco entitled “Disco Afreeka”. Matt has put together a worldy cosmic adventure for us in the form of a mix.

The series has been on hold for a while now, this one I can only say is the one to relaunch it with.

Matty’s sound has been described as cosmic, psychedelic and moody- which makes sense when you consider the wildly varied influences he draws from; including but not limited to post-punk, Italo, house and left-field disco.