Promoting well being through the medium of Music.

“eclectics” is a Label, Dj’s & a blog based in Bournemouth.

The Label.
“eclectics music” is on a ‘Balearic Sound’ vibe, slightly left of centre.
So far we’ve released music with Coyote, K-effect and Field Theory. We have projects with other Artists being worked on right now and we’re also in the process of putting out Vinyl (independently)

“eclectics” Dj’s
Micky Browne | Grant Williams | Nick Shearer | Matt Richards

“eclectics” The Blog
Part of the blog is the the ‘eclec’ mix series Leo Mas, Bird Of Paradise, Coyote, Gal Kadan, José Manuel, Future Bones are in the Archives along with about 70 other Dj | producers, eclectics.co/