eclectics mix – 140 | Joe Black Circles – The Inner Voice |

Listen carefully to your inner voice to hear electroacoustic dance rituals, global tribal invocations and squiggly electronics, all played directly from vinyl through a rotary mixer and effects unit. Inspired
by, and starting with Lele by Visions. Joe Black Circles is a vinyl-based DJ and record dealer with endless enthusiasm for breathing life into unwanted and unloved records, having said that, most of the vinyl on this mix is new.

Visions – Lele
Wolf Muller – Pfad Des Windes
Femi V KCRW – Eh-Oh (Liza Richardson Remix)
Mytron & amp; Ofofo – Si Jambo
Ayani Huni Kuin – Habu Raminibu (Dengue Dengue Dengue & Joutro Mundo Version)
Nicola Cruz – Siete
Piano Fantasia – Song For Denise (Dub Mix Version)
Escape From New York – Fire In My Heart
Hove – Right Outside (Longer Version)
Codek – Tam Tam (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix B)
Fuga Ronto – L’Uomo Invisibile
Afro Templum – S’Espalmador Lightworks


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