eclectics mix 124 | Chuck Da Fonk |F S Q

FSQ now a 6 person production team, got it started in 2012 as Chuck Da Fonk Fishman was looking to move his live jazz-funk band into the world of dance music. Earlier in his career, he toured and recorded with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (P-Funk).

At about this same time, Chuck came across Soul Clap who were looking to collaborate with Dr Clinton & P-Funk, and a joint project was born that also included Sly Stone.

So here’s his selection for us a hearty funk-infused Balearic jam if I ever heard one.. enjoy x


Atmosphere – Virgo (Instrumental)
DRUGS – I Wonder If
People Under The Stairs – DQMOT (Thes One Remix Instrumental)
DJ Day – Four Hills
A Man Called Adam – African Flutes and Beats
FSQ featuring Dolette McDonald – I Zimbra – Afterlife Remix
James Vincent – Space Traveler
Masayoshi Takanaka – Tropic Birds
Lonely C – True “Cake and Eat It Too” – FSQ Funkadelic Touch Remix featuring Billy Bass Nelson, G Koop & O-Man, Kim Manning
Tosca – Rondo Acaprico
McCoy Tyner – Festival in Bahia – Album Version
Yello – Otto Di Catania – Remastered 2005
Kinobe – Elvissa
Art of Noise – Beatback – 1986 Album Version

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