Limited 12″ of ‘Papa Doc Aguila’ by Max Manetti. Crowd Funding.

For the first vinyl release from the eclectics label, it’s with great pleasure to offer up a four-tracker ep from Max Manetti.

For the last (nearly) 5 years eclectics have been supplying you guys with sounds, we could do with a little help from you our followers, we want this to release to go out as an actual record…

As many of us know there isn’t any money to be made by little labels like us. It’s about getting rich sounds out to those who think slightly outside the box, and we all appreciate the various mediums that music is published on. BUT there’s nothing like placing a record on the turntable putting the needle to it and waiting for the sounds to start. With your support, we can make this happen…

The other thing to mention is by us doing the campaign this way, online, pre order only it shows we can sell records. I want to show labels/shops/distros we are worth investing in for a P&D (pressing & distribution deal) When we sell 100 off our own backs the powers that be will know even more can be sold if placed in the shops as well as the online. By eclectics gaining a P&D deal we will be able to approach more artists and get more records out and continue to release high-quality music to a broader range of people.

The Papa Doc Aguila ep  Features 2 original tracks from Max and 2 remixes (James Bright-Faint Waves). It’s baggy, it’s loose, it’s full of heart, it’s classic Max Manetti. The remixes are getting love from the ALFOS camp and the OG’s are creating heat in the Balearic realms… It’s a limited run of 100 and pre-order only, so if you want a copy of our first record to go out now you have the chance.

So it would be amazing if you could help us on this quest, below you can listen to the tracks and get more information on how to support us. Always Love Grant x


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