‘pacific bright’ by James Bright

eclectics 008 – Pacific Bright Listen and buy here x

eclectics get to number 8 and do so in style with the Pacific Bright EP. James Bright might be new to the label, but the UK based producer, musician and DJ is an old hand, having been involved with the downtempo scene since 2000 under his own name and as one half of downbeat stalwarts LUX. Even if you don’t know the name, it’s likely you’ve heard his music – either on one of the countless TV programmes and adverts it has graced or on one of the many Café del Mar compilations he has featured on .

For eclectics, James has produced four tracks, each with a distinct personality but that form a beautiful and powerful cohesive whole – like Optimus Prime but made out of music. The release is already getting support from the likes of Phil Mison, Manu Archeo and David Pickering

First is “Mnemba”, where synths breeze by, adding additional sway to an already undulating groove. The pace is measured, it’s a tune to sip and relax into. Occasional shades of Art of Noise float by, but with the metallic edges burred by half a blister pack of Xanax. At under six minutes, it never overstays its welcome and, as it drifts away, there’s a slight sense of loss.

Until, that is, “La Digue” begins. A bass line almost percussive in its persistence carries this playful piece with its sophisticated hints of Wally Badarou – both high-life and hi-life. The ever-resolving call and response satisfies both head and heart in a tune that offers the perfect answer to slow dancers.

Then “Mo’oera” ramps up the drama, keyboard washes build and overlap, pushing and pulling before the delicate machinery of the percussion calls order and corrals in order to make space for a sub bass and beautiful decorative flecks of flamenco guitar.

“Rotan” closes the show in style. Whether the sun is setting or rising, the quiet drama and subtle show that Bright brings to the fore is perfect. Layer upon layer of supporting performances sit in harmony, each quietly creating something truly sublime without ever dominating or taking over. It’s a microcosm of the EP as a whole.


released October 29, 2018

Produced by James Bright
Mastered by James Bright
Copy by Jah Shabby
Artwork by Tony Morris
Image by Diego Molina


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