Premiere – Wise and Weird by The Cruising (Original). Forthcoming on Whisky Pickle Records…

Label: Whiskey Pickle Records Artist: The Cruising
Title: Wise And Weird Catalogue number: WP032 Release date: 8 Feb 2018 Format: digital

Music pieces by Russian duo * The Cruising * (* Yula Vovk and * Sergei Demidov* ) are not that easy to identify, both style and time-wise. Funky vibes of the 1970s and 1980s are generously mixed with techno and peppered with unconventional live instruments, vocals, and flirting with rock and roll. Throw in ambitions of new genre creators, and you get a fantastic creature, a techno-funky-rock unicorn. The _Wise And Weird_ EP features four of the duo’s original versions ranging from groovy indie dance to funky techno to acid house. Nottingham dons * Coyote* (* Is It Balearic?* ) turn in a lovely laid back tripped out remix from deep within their Balearic realm.


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