Joe Morris | Jacaranda Skies | Pleasure Unit… Release 2nd Feb.


“The Jacaranda Skies EP is the sort of record that is not for every moment. But when the crowds right …and I think fuck it I wanna go a different way, this is what I’d put on. Hopefully I’d take the crowd with me…”

Following solid EP’s on Is it Balearic, Secret Life and Balearic Social Joe Morris offers up four gorgeous cuts for Pleasure Unit. Continuing the producers passion for new age, paradisiacal ambience and dreamy deep house lead title “Jacaranda Skies” could easily be the result of a Telephones and Larry Heard jam session had they met in Rimini circa 1991. A dusky atmosphere provides the backdrop to ecstasy inducing chords; an elevated brass sequence and afro percussion drive forth a tight groove.

‘The Lost Garden’ opens to a reverb soaked slide guitar and soaring pad section before a Jaguar snarl introduces a subtle kick pattern atop languid chimes and Bali bells.

‘Mangrove Dawn’ is an aural Quaalude hit. Gentle synth washes tumble over each other while nature sounds buzz through a distant 303 line.

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About Pleasure Unit…

“Pleasure Unit was founded in 2014 specifically to release the Telephones remix of skatebård’s “Confirmation Bias”. There were no other releases lined up but skatebård kindly offered us a release for PU02 and slowly the idea of a label started to evolve.
4 years on and we are about to release our seventh record “jacaranda Skies” by Joe Morris.

Joes release “Bahia” on Balearic social was one of our favourite releases of 2016 so we were pleased as punch when we heard from Joe in early 2017 and he offered us a release. Due for release in September 2017 we were hit with a massive delay from the pressing plant MPO but are now in possession of the stock and ready to release at the beginning of Feb.

2018 is shaping up to be a busy year for Pleasure Unit with releases lined up from Field of Dreams (Al Mackenzie and Chris Kentish), a new mini LP from Miskotom, remixes of Les Crocodiles from Field of Dreams and DJ Sotofett, Pete Herbert remixes of Field of dreams, re issues of Extended Family from 1996 including the classic Harvey remixes. We also have an unreleased clutch of remixes from the Idjut Boys also from 96.
Joe Morris “Jacaranda Skies” will be released on the 5th February.”- Pleasure Unit.

Joe’s live mix from the Pleasure Unit Label night in the December last year.

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