eclec0091 | Jac The Disco Mix & about Highest Heights | Wonder Stories- 22|1|18.

Below are the links to Jac’s mix he did for us at eclectics in the run up to his release on Wonder Stories. Also included is the link to Premiere of the B-side ‘Good Times’ on Dream Chimney. The Highest Heights EP is due for release on the 22nd of JAN…




WS026: Jac The Disco – Highest Heights EP
Jay Rossi, aka East London DJ stalwart Jac The Disco, returns to with the Highest Heights EP, which will be released digitally on US label Wonder Stories. 10 years of DJing all over London at venues like fabric, XOYO, 93 Feet East and the Queen of Hoxton has left Rossi with an instinctive grasp of what works on the dancefloor.

The Highest Heights EP consists of two brand new tracks plus two remixes. First off we have the title track, ‘Highest Heights’, a throbbing disco / house paean to Rossi’s love of rolling basslines and sharp claps, chock-full of moody flavour thanks to some shimmering synth work atop those pumping tribal drums at its core. When you want to move the dancefloor into peak-time misbehaviour, this is the one you reach for.

Meanwhile the In Flagranti remix doubles down on the hypnotic qualities of the original, making it a real 3am chugger complete with even tighter drums and hypnotic chords that can power a dancefloor well past dawn, in the right hands. Rossi’s signature warm sound gives way to a tougher approach as In Flagranti summons more of a jacking, machine-funk vibe.

Next comes ‘Good Times’, a low-slung underground disco number that really speaks to the hips as its lazy, sun-drenched vibes echo through the ether. Anchored by a sinuously tropical guitar bassline, soaring FX and scintillating claps, this number really highlights the warm groove-led aesthetic that’s central to the whole Jac The Disco sound.

Then on the remix, Wonder Stories boss Aimes adds some weight to the laidback original by toughening up the rolling bass and spacing out the guitar riffs further into cosmic disco territory. If the OG is about getting the dancers going, then this version is about sending them straight into the stratosphere, via the squelchy acid synths that punch up the outro and aim straight for the heavens.

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