Phil Cooper|NuNorthern Soul|Dusk & Dawn|Mix & Influences.

Dusk & Dawn By Private Agenda Promotional Mix from NuNorthern Soul’s Main Man Phil Cooper

Those of you of a chilled persuasion will know the name Phil Cooper and his wonderfully relaxed label NuNorthern Soul. Despite the name, this is not a Soul Music label but a label for Music with Soul as those that follow will know.

Over the last few years Phil has worked tirelessly with some of the most laid back names in music, putting out the most soporific of grooves to soundtrack anything from a Saturday on the beach to a Sunday roast to a heady night in a club environment.

In the run up to the new Dusk & Dawn release by Private Agenda on NuNorthern Soul, we asked Phil what inspired him to start the label and what keeps him searching for music to release on his always impressive imprint. Phil came back with a wonderful list of music that has inspired him over the years and set the standard for all he puts out on the label. Phil also put a mix together for us that includes some new flavors to savor and digest while waiting for the hotly anticipated new releases from the label.

Roll back to the late 90’s, a small pub in Chester would see NuNorthern Soul founder, Phil Cooper spin an eclectic selection to the post club brigade and Sunday slouchers. Over the years the NNS train has rolled across many UK cities and across the globe including South Africa, Malawi, China, Ibiza, Thailand, Croatia and Australia. With no specific musical boundaries, NuNorthern Soul is about presenting quality music suited to the art of relaxation – grooves to eat your Sunday roast to, beats for beaches and to unwind with, and the perfect soundtrack for catching respite among friends. It has taken place in huge clubs like Space, Ibiza, monolithic festivals such as Bestival, and restaurants, intimate pubs and much more – equally as adept in back rooms of clubs as it is boozers.

The natural progression for NNS was a podcast series, after all, the sessions were the place Phil could share his weird and wonderful record collection with an intimate few, the podcast would allow it to reach a much larger, music hungry and inquisitive audience.

Like the events and podcast, the label, which was formed in 2012, is about presenting a rich tapestry of music, not restricted by genre or production techniques, it is not a Soul music label, but a label for music WITH Soul.

Phil put together 8 of his Musical Influences.

 1 | Electro Street Sounds Albums

When these hit the streets I was a fully fledged breaker with a taste for the The Smiths on the side.

2 | The Smiths ‘This Charming Man’

Music of my youth, I was a huge fan of their music, I found it humorous and not depressing at all, For me Marr and Morrissey where the dons, Marr on guitar WOWSERS…

3 | Todd Terry ‘Bango’

I went to ther Hacienda in 89 to interview Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke from The Smiths and walked into a room of people going mental to this…

4 | Jose Padilla ‘Cafe Del Mar’

I went to Ibiza in 1991, stayed around the bay and walked to the Cafe most nights to group up before hitting Amnesia, Ku, Pacha, Ibiza Town etc. Hearing Jose and watching THAT sunset made me understand the importance to allow space in the music and letting it breath…

5 | Terry Callier ‘What Colour Is Love’

I used to write music and event reviews for a local newspaper in the UK and they sent me to review a Terry Callier show, until that point I had never heard of him, he sung this and I was moved to tears…

6 | Roger Sanchez

The video is just a track from the time I met Roger… I was one of the Cream residents in Ibiza and Roger was playing, watching him and them becoming his tour support DJ when he was in Europe taught me many important lessons in DJing… We could be playing a huge 3000 capacity club one night and he would pitch things up and play the energy parts of the tracks, the night after we could be in a 200 capacity basement and he would slow things down and play the full length tracks, locking people into a deep groove, I still apply this standard to my sets today…

7 | The Look Feat. Franklin Fuentes – March

For the most when I got into House it was the more soulful side of things initially, Garage, Tony Humphries, Masters At Work etc… I was asked to warm up for Laurent Garnier and Andy Weatherall over consecutive weekends in Liverpool at the now defunct Cream. I really had to dig deep for darker sounds for the Annexe where they played… This was one of those tracks, I still play it today and love the deeper, darker vibes…

8 | Ragz Nordset – You Started It All (Ron Basejam rework)

NuNorthern Soul, my label was set up initially a Sunday session event in a pub in Chester, UK, something I did after bobbing round the UK, Europe and the Globe gigging and digging. It was a session I could play music for Sundays basically, chilled, eclectic and great music for the head after a hectic weekend clubbing… Jim Baron aka Ron Basejam was also one of the DJs who played on a regular basis, we had been mates from school days and when I set up the label he put in this remix and for me, its the iconic sound of NuNorthern Soul… Swedish folktronica gets a loving touch from The Basejam… Timeless…

Find more on  Phil and the label here

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