eclec0082 | Plastic Fantastic |06|10|17

Plastic Fantastic is a DJ and producer duo based in Oslo Norway, consisting of John Clements and Eirik Wulff-Engh.John started his musical career as a DJ back in 2007, eventually playing at some of the finest venues in Oslo. Since 2011 John has focused his DJ efforts into the radio format and appears regularly on shows such as Balearic Social in the UK and Acapulco Nights in America.John’s debut as a producer came with​ Stjernehimmel / Melkeveien, ​a two-track disco flavoured record which, thanks to Soundcloud, was discovered by Ilya Santana. The record was signed and released on December 1st 2011. His follow-up, the slower and smoother ​Cosmic Love ​was released shortly afterwards featuring a remix from Jarle Bråthen, one of the purveyors of Scandinavian house music.In 2012 John formed Plastic Fantastic along with best friend Eirik Wulff-Engh. ​Computer Love became the duo’s debut record. Released exclusively on Soundcloud in September 2012, the digital bundle featured remixes from Aural Graffiti and Disko Selectors.By late 2013 the duo scored their first record deal with Los Grandes Recordings, a label run by Spanish DJ and producer Dynamicron. ​Beyond The Horizon w​as released in March 2014, appearing on the various-artist compilation album Black Lace volume 6. …Plastic Fantastic’s dreamy downtempo gem Beyond The Horizon. While the latter stands out like a sore thumb next to such boisterous dancefloor fare, it arguably provides the album’s most startling moment. JUNODOWNLOAD REVIEWHaving enjoyed some exposure with​ Beyond The Horizon, ​the boys decided to continue working with Dynamicron. ​Here Comes The Sun, featuring remixes by Ilya Santana, Beatfanatic, Disko Selectors and Dynamicron himself, was released to very favourable reviews in November 2014. Music blog Como Las Grecas offered a particularly warm review of the record. Remix-wise, the Ilya Santana remix did exceptionally well having made it into the top ten on the Traxsource ‘essential nu disco/indie dance chart’ within same month it was released, marking the first ever chart position for Plastic Fantastic. Here Comes The Sun also became their first record to be available on all the major online record retailers such as Amazon, Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload, Spotify and Traxsource. In early 2015 Aficionado Recordings in the UK licenced the Beatfanatic remix of​ Here Comes The Sun ​for an exclusive vinyl release. The resulting 12” was a split release with Italian producer Leonardo Ceccanti (one half of Almunia).​ (It’s A) Long Way ​was released on July 7th 2015 to overwhelming acclaim. It reached the number two spot on Juno Records’ vinyl singles chart,​ a​s well as number five in the Balearic/downtempo chart. It was ‘bestseller of the week’ and ‘genre pick of the week’ on Piccadilly Records. it has been supported by Coyote (Is It Balearic? Recordings),​ F​aze Action and Kenneth Bager (Music For Dreams) among many others.

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