eclec0073 | Memory Palace | 28|07|17


Memory Palace is the new project by Rara Avis and P.George from the collective Obsolescence Programmée based in Toulouse, France. It focuses on more dark, raw, and pitched-down sounds, to build an hypnotic soundtrack of the dystopian movie we seem to live in. It’s hard to name genres, with influences from the past and the new, the cold side of Netherlands, Berlin or eastern Europe, but with this first instalment you should get the picture.

You can meet them at the monthly Obsolescence parties in Toulouse, or follow their FB page.

Artwork by © Muto

eclec0072 | Gal Kadan | 21|07|17

For the last 10 years Gal Kadan has been one of the most prominent DJs emerging from the Israeli world music scene. Artfully mixing genres, cultures and styles, his mixes create a unique story about his place and time in the sizzling Middle East, merging lovers and haters, enemies and friends, strangers and acquaintances into one border-defying musical set.

Hailing from Israel’s nightlife capital Tel Aviv, he soon gathered a following that saw him play in the city’s leading venues The Block, The Breakfast Club and The Bootleg, as well as over seas in many European cities such as Berlin, Paris, Zurich, Cologne, Frankfurt and more.

Today Gal continues to stretch the boundaries of multiculturalism in his studio work, remixing obscure Middle Eastern gems, and in his sets, propelled by electronic beats that drive ethnic influences, creating a refreshing new approach to clubbing.

eclec0071 | Bird Of Paradise | 17|07|17

Bird of Paradise is an alias for Jo Howard, the young UK producer who came to prominence via his output on labels such as Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant imprint and New Yorks ‘Throne of Blood’, his debut e.p on the former reaching number one in the Juno download techno charts in December 2015.

He also contributed to the acclaimed Multi Culti compilation ‘Moon Faze I’ and graced various other labels with remixes and further originals. He founded the independent label ‘Sulk Magic Recordings’ in early 2017, creating a hub for left-field artists such as Sigward, KGBK, Obb Globelyn, Stove, Tronik Youth and with plans to curate a whole host of oddities from around the globe.

As a DJ, he has honed his skills both at his own party, Cubik, in his native Sunderland in North East England, as well as a resident at Man Powers ‘Tourist Parties’ in neighbouring Newcastle, which have afforded him the opportunity to play alongside such luminaries as Todd Terje, John Talabot, Daniel Avery and Ivan Smagghe. He now also finds time time to work with three close friends promoting the auspicious ‘Body Talk’ parties in Newcastle. With a busy release schedule for 2017, and an ever growing touring schedule, this year looks set to see him cement his standing as one of the most promising musical newcomers in recent years.

Blank & Jones | Relax Edition 10 | Article|feature | Promotional Mix


“Love this double album by Blank & Jones. Have known these guys from the early days of Ibiza and Cafe Del Mar. My favourite tracks are Glow & My Island on the first album and Island Trip and Caliente on the second. The perfect summer soundtrack..”

Richard Bithell/Moonboots – AFICIANADO
“I like all the instrumentals on this album. Glow, Pelican Bay & especially My Island which has been licensed for my Music for Dreams comp!  I’ve got Pelican Bay playing now. It’s immense…”

Piet Blank and Jaspa Jones formed their production duo back in 1997.  A little later joined by Andy Kaufhold.  After dancing at KU in the late 80’s they went on to play trance in the ‘big room’ clubs in Ibiza at night and in the day, they played at Café Del Mar. They headlined Amnesia and Eden but were also well known for their chill out sets  at El Divino.  Blank & Jones  have been hugely important in the history of electronic music.  They were part of the beginning of trance alongside Paul Oakenfold and Tiesto.  Blank & Jones have worked with some serious players; The Cures Robert Smith, New Orders Bernard Sumner,  Sarah Mc Lachlan, The Pet Shop Boys & Boy George.  Their sound and their success have both evolved over the years where they have released 20 albums of Electronica, Ambient, Trance and Dance. Their artist albums paying tribute to the original club mixes of the 80’s bringing the listener new soundscapes of downbeat music.unnamed(3)

For the 10th Edition of the RELAX series, which started back in 2003, Blank & Jones present the soundtrack of the summer. Twenty tracks of warm acoustic sounds and subtle electronica.  William Orbits ‘Pure Shores’ has been given a delightful once over, paying tribute to this musical ideal, with Zoe Dee’s vocal making it even smoother and even more blissful. William Orbit on the other hand chose the Relax version of ‘Desire’ for his album ‘Odyssey’.  It reminded him of driving along the old stone walls, with a car full of friends on the way to a beach at sunset…

Depending on your format of choice, this well crafted selection moves from chilled right out and downbeat, to beach house, to bar grooves & beautiful Balearic beats.


Vinyl release is 21st July(10 tracks)
CD 21st July (20 tracks)
Digital is available 7th July (20 tracks).

eclec0069 | Roe Deers | 06|07|17

Roe Deers is a Lithuanian-based audio-visual project led by Liudas and Oskaras, two besties, often mistaken for brothers. Liudas first started DJ’ing at his parents’ club at the age of 12 while Oskaras made his transition from a geek kid into a proper visual artist. The two met while clubbing in their teenage years and eventually developed a shared taste for what’s right on the dance floor. On the Independence Day of Lithuania they picked an oddly folkloric name and that was the start of the Roe Deers project.
While most of the electronic music follows a clear and often monotonic pattern, you never know what you will get from Roe Deers. Liudas and Oskaras tend to step out of what is commonly acknowledged as a standard formula of success, but it doesn’t make them distant from their audience. Roe Deers employ all shades of love in their shows so that the only response you can give them is dance.

eclectics002 K-effect-The triumph of Dr.No Ep fully released on the 10th of August 2017-Clips and link for Pre-order to recieve one track straight away.

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