eclec0068 | José Manuel | 30|06|17

My Name is José Manuel , and I am an Italian Dj and Producer.
When I was young I used to liste to disco music , funk ,afro . So I began to collect some vinyls , and still now I am always searching for some rares of my musical genre. Then , at the age of 16 Ibegan to play in the clubs. My first release ” El sonido de pamela ” was produced in 2006 for the Belgian labels Eskimo recordings . To follow in 2007 my second release for the parisien label ” Kill The Dj “. During 2008 I founded two indipendent labels , so the year 2008 was very important for me. The first label was ” Black Pepper Records “, in which the musical genre was electronic music , with some sounds reffering to the ” cosmic disco ” musical scene .The Black Pepper records had the many collaborations with some top dj of the Nu Disco scene like : Soft Rocks – Fabrizio Mammarella – Ilya Santana – Marcello Giordani… and finally , one collaborations with the French Didier Maruani , who was the founder of the ” Space ” , a very important group who , in 1977 had a world-wide success with the single ” magic fly ” still nowaday a ” must ” of the disco scene .The second label I founded was ” Frisky disco ” in which some re-edits of rare and obscure disco tracks have been released . And consequently I began to organize some ” Friscky Disco ” parties , proposing some “disco” and ” cosmic disco ” sets refferring to Studio 54 and Paradise Garage musical scene. With the time, I have created and I am still creating some collaborations with many labels like : Tusk Wax , Kinfolk , Is It Balearic ? , Cocktail D’amore , Music For Dreams…


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