eclec0068 | José Manuel | 30|06|17

My Name is José Manuel , and I am an Italian Dj and Producer.
When I was young I used to liste to disco music , funk ,afro . So I began to collect some vinyls , and still now I am always searching for some rares of my musical genre. Then , at the age of 16 Ibegan to play in the clubs. My first release ” El sonido de pamela ” was produced in 2006 for the Belgian labels Eskimo recordings . To follow in 2007 my second release for the parisien label ” Kill The Dj “. During 2008 I founded two indipendent labels , so the year 2008 was very important for me. The first label was ” Black Pepper Records “, in which the musical genre was electronic music , with some sounds reffering to the ” cosmic disco ” musical scene .The Black Pepper records had the many collaborations with some top dj of the Nu Disco scene like : Soft Rocks – Fabrizio Mammarella – Ilya Santana – Marcello Giordani… and finally , one collaborations with the French Didier Maruani , who was the founder of the ” Space ” , a very important group who , in 1977 had a world-wide success with the single ” magic fly ” still nowaday a ” must ” of the disco scene .The second label I founded was ” Frisky disco ” in which some re-edits of rare and obscure disco tracks have been released . And consequently I began to organize some ” Friscky Disco ” parties , proposing some “disco” and ” cosmic disco ” sets refferring to Studio 54 and Paradise Garage musical scene. With the time, I have created and I am still creating some collaborations with many labels like : Tusk Wax , Kinfolk , Is It Balearic ? , Cocktail D’amore , Music For Dreams…


eclec0066 | Sophie Girard aka Bloody L | Oubli Mix 20|06|17

Pshychedelic mood, swaying rhythms, Bloody L navigates through musical richness with a distinctive sensibility. As she mixes, Bloody L, resident of the collective Abstrack from Nantes, frees herself from standards and depicts landscapes from cosmic music, balearic to ethnic influences. Listening to Bloody L is like delving into the heart of a deep selection and dancing in a world swinging between a sweet soulful trip and loosening moves, culmulating into a sincere and wholehearted mix.

eclec0065 | Grabo’sky | 13|06|17

The Budapest based Grabo’sky is very familiar with different styles as producer and DJ as well. He plays house, disco, hip-hop, funk, rock, 70s electronica, folk, ethno or anything that hypnotic and cool.
His DJ carrier started in 1997 and after more than a decade later he began to produce his own music in 2011. Grabo’sky started to work on simple edit versions of his favourite tracks but not much later he made more and more re-arrangments and experimented with the tracks. To this day he made numerous edits in various styles from grunge superstars Pearl Jam, krautrock heros Can, the legendary disco producer Cerrone or great names of the Hungarian pop-rock (Katona Klári, V’Moto-Rock, East, Edda, Kimnowak, etc). Meanwhile he made a lot of own tracks. He released some singles, EPs and an album. His own materials and remixes came out on labels like Mana Mana Records, SpaceWalker Recordings, Play Pal Music, Allright Recordings, Launching Gagarin Records, Muzicasa Recordings, and so on.

eclec0064 | Miché | 7|6|17

Playing records since the age of 14, Miché loves nothing more than raw disco cuts and deep, bumping house. A self proclaimed lager connoisseur, and part of the lo key collective you can expect fresh edits fused with some of the finest music around guaranteed to make you move your feet. since releasing his debut track “all my friends are high” he has seen a large increase in interest in his work and is due to release his debut ep in 2017.