eclec0045 | Los Fugazzi | 25|01|17

Bernardo Barrera, Estuardo Flores | Los Fugazzi |

Los Fugazzi – Caiman (Unreleased)
The Doors – Riders On The Storm (K-Effect Edit)
Los Fugazzi – Faith (Unreleased)
Cabizbajo – Rising Man (Colossio Dub Mix) (Phisica)
Mordisco – Emerald (Pato Watson Remix) (Spa in Disco)
Mr. BC – The Written Word (Tunnyl Records)
Los Fugazzi – Hanging By (Unreleased)
Tulioxi – Etnica Xanga
Los Fugazzi – Afterglow (Unreleased)
Thomass Jackson – Social Assassin (Play Pal Music)
Juan Soto – The Effort (Modulaire Remix)
Otheo – Vértigo (Colossio Remix) (Regith)

Link for their FB page.

Soundcloud link for Los Fugazzi.

eclec0044 | John Paynter | A Space Age Freak Out 21|01|17

Interstella Boogie.
John can be found spinning tunes on his monthly Kmah Radio show
“A Space Age Freak Out”. Also catch him playing live at Outlaws Yacht Club
in Leeds, on the second Friday of every month, as part of the “Psychic
Graffiti” collective. John was invited to play ALFOS last December in
Todmorden and will be warming up for Nicky Siano in Leeds in February.

eclec0042 | eastern front soundsystem | 09|01|17.

Eastern Front Soundsystem are three friends – Rog, Simon, & Matt – from Walthamstow, East London – vinyl obsessives, disco nerds & bad dancers each and every one.  After dj-ing independently for a few years, they came together to play sunday sessions in a local pub, partly as an excuse to drink more beer whilst having control of the pub soundsystem. Three years later they’re doing pretty much the same thing, although in a few different places.

This mix reflects a lot of the stuff we’re into – downtempo balearic gear, weird spaced out funk, anything that sounds like it might have been recorded at compass point studios circa 1981, world stuff, the odd house record, a dose of weapons-grade disco and whatever else we might have come across.

Balearic. Eclectic. Disco. That sums it up really.

The Long Champs | Mix & feature on Y Llwynog | Released March 2016 | Tici Taci.

Here is a mix from Lloyd Jones ‘The Long Champs’. Pretty out there and very eclectic to say the least.  I love it.. The track list can be found in picture form at the bottom of this post.. To go with Lloyd’s selection is the story behind his release on Tici Taci last year ‘Y Llwynog’  quotes, stories, footage and  links to all  those involved.

I first heard  Y Llwynog  one afternoon  whilst on a Youtube Journey last Summer.. The base line grabbed me straight away and also the quick build up, within 2 mins you’ve got acid, guitars, vocals, harmonica all the many layers, elements and riffs just work. I thought this was a classic track that had passed me by in the early nineties. The guitar riff sounded Weatherall-esque and with the Piano break together I thought -yup, a classic that got past me. I was wrong it been released earlier on in the year on Tici Taci Duncan Grays Label and with the remix in the hands of Rich lane- Cotton Bud. it became my track of the year.

Y Llwynog  ‘The Fox’ in English… Follows in suit with Tici Taci’s other releases, music that definitely makes you feel happy. Below is the link to the track.. Scroll down after to read first hand the story behind the track from Rich lane and Duncan Gray, also to see the footage of Weatherall and Sean dropping it during the ALFOS Live Set-24th September 2016 at-

The story behind ‘Y Llwynog’ Rich Lane- Cotton Bud.

Typical of the lovely Adam Pear to be thinking of others at the party of the year. He’s captured my remix of Y Llwynog by The Long Champs being played by ALFOS in Carcassonne castle back in September. For those that may not know the story, exactly one year before at the same festival my good friend Lloyd Jones found out that his sneaky wife Delyth had passed a load of demos of his music to myself for an opinion.

He had mentioned that he ‘dabbled’ before but I had no idea he had been learning his craft so thoroughly, and I was blown away by the range and talent on that memory stick. I had to then sneakily get a second opinion myself from my trusted second set of ears, Duncan Gray from tici taci. He was mightily impressed too, and one track in particular ‘Y Llwynog’ was screaming out for release on his fine label. So he and I and label star Kieran Holden all set about doing a remix each.This was the news that Lloyd got whilst in France (on the same day that he also lost his passport – talk about a rollercoaster!).

The original is a quirky masterpiece but also instrumental and I like a bit of vocal on my remixes if possible – so I asked Lloyd and Delyth to record Del saying the last lines of the eponymous foxy poem by R Williams Parry (in English – their choice!). She famously did this in about 10 seconds on Lloyd’s laptop whilst cooking the weekly Sunday roast, and her dulcet South Walian tones fitted the track perfectly.

ALFOS dropped this remix for the first time at Salford in February. That was my personal highlight of the year – Del, the Belle of The Ball, up on the podium whilst her voice rang out of the speakers, and the ever humble Lloyd down on the dancefloor taking it all in. And a massive sense of thankfulness and celebration all round. Anyway, as ever, work commitments meant I couldn’t make Carcassone in September, but thanks to Mr. Pear I get some sense of this collaboration amongst the best of friends working its magic once more.

Duncan Gray-Tici Taci.

” I get sent quite a lot of tracks by artists who would like to release on tici taci, and of course that’s very flattering, but a lot of the time I have to turn those tracks down because they sound too straightforward. It’s great that technology is giving a greater number of people the opportunity to make tracks but that doesn’t always translate to really original material. With Lloyd that’s not an issue. Y Llwynog is just the first of many great and very original sounding tracks he’ll be releasing – I am grateful to Delyth for giving the process a helping hand. As soon as I heard Y Llwynog I knew it was ideal for the label – and right away I could hear that it was perfect for a remix by Kieran Holden. Then Rich Lane weighed in with his remix and the story was complete. From a hidden demo to radio 1 airplay in just a few short months, with support from Andrew Weatherall, Sean Johnston, Ewan Pearson and many other fine DJs. It’s a success story to warm the heart.”

Below is the footage filmed by Adam Pear. Adam has been doing the visuals/backdrop for the Glasgow ALFOS recently. Adam and Lloyd were introduced by Alan Suszek when Lloyd  and Delyth first went to ALFOS in Glasgow back in 2013, they became instant friends with Adam and his wife Emma. This footage was filmed on Adams’s  IPhone during ALFOS live set last September at Carcassonne.

Adam who’s said to have a spidey sense when it comes to recognizing a track within milliseconds of hearing it, left Lloyd standing way before it blew in, he had to get somewhere clear to film as a promise he’d made to Lloyds Wife Delyth. This is that moment……

Y Llwynog  also came in 3rd on Cowbell Radio’s  poll for tune of the year, click this link for Ed Mahon and Mark Davies  Ont’ Wireless Show Festive 50 to hear the whole 4 hour show in all it’s festive glory.

A great track made by great people. Eternally popular and as close to an Alfos anthem as you’ll get, I’ve never heard them play any other track 4 times in one year wherever it is played, whenever and by whomever the reaction is always big love, smiles, grins and great memories.”-Ed Mahon.

Other than to say I have played it a fair few times – it has created a lot of happiness, rocks castles and Adriatic boat parties, I’m not sure what more I could add..” – Sean Johnston.


By Grant Williams.

Coyote – Cario | Balearic | Released 06|02|17

Coyote are kicking off 2017 in sharpish manner with this slow and dirty dance floor banger

Druggy Acid squelch and growling synths share a bar with a deep-south sound palette of live rocky drums and twangy guitars.

How to sum up this tune? Out of hours Nashville haunts and the clink of moonshine under the counter meet a 303 machine and the spirit of 90’s Nottingham’s Venus club in a drunk-driven Cadillac crash of pure Acid Hillbilly delight!

And feeling the low-slung guitar groove, the label’s own Jim Breese swaps his A&R role for the mixing board to shift us into fifth gear for the Balearic dub. Everything gets simplified and darkened as a heady cocktail of Space Delay and swirling Analogue Reverb means the music cruises & flows like a midnight desert highway.

Yeehaw! for Coyote and Balearic on this one.


released January 6, 2017

Written & Produced by Coyote
Mixed by Jim Breese
Mastered by Sam Wills at Wired Masters

— Original
— Dub

— Juno

— iTunes


eclec0041 | Marcos | Dubmasters Cosmica Music | 06|01|17.

Deep from the Patagonian underground rises a collective of conscience expanding artists, delivering an exciting blend of vintage disco grooves and futuristic electro funk.
We are currently working on DUBMASTERS’ debut Long Player featuring collaborations from the COSMICA family over the globe, as well as a selected library of edits by MAXI CAYON.
While you are here, please visit the COSMICA family on Facebook and listen to our Music on Soundcloud. THANK YOU FOR TUNING INTO COSMICA! Our Soundcloud page

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