eclec0038 | Salvatore Muscat | Sequenchill | 21|12|16 |

Salvatore Muscat aka Sequenchill’s interest in music started with the disco beats of Patrick Cowley and Sylvester before moving on to the rave scene in the late 80s. Salvatore was amazed by the music being played in the chillout rooms in the UK and from then onward Sequenchill’s collection of ambient records started growing. He cites his main influencers as being Pete Namlook, Mixmaster Morris, Dr Atmo, KLF, Move D, The Orb, Biosphere and Scanner. Salvatore’s chillout sessions got the ball rolling where he enjoyed playing his favourite music to a younger crowd which really appreciated what they were hearing.

This brought him recognition by being invited to play in numerous events like Statix, Sliema Arts Festival, Earthgarden, Unfocused, Cubik, Avant Garde , Malta Arts Festival ,his very own gathering Sequenchill & Friends and also a few Psyevents where Sequenchill takes over the psychill area as well as the chillout sessions at Remissa and Soular. Salvatore follows the dub techno, deep house and oldschool scenes which will always have a place in his heart. Through his Mixcloud page, he has gathered a great fan base from all around world with mixes which range from, ambient, chillout, and also a favourite of his which he named ‘Techno for socialising’ – these are mixes containing dub techno and dirty techno with a hint of ambient and have gone down really well with his followers. Sequenchill also has a selection of Psychill mixes.

eclec0037 | Daniel Bech | The Keeper | 16|12|16

The Keeper is Dan’s Stage/DJ name. He’s  been spinning records for about ten years, from Stockholm. He’s also involved in the DJ Crew ‘Nemas Problemas’ who have dropped a record (12″) on Passport To Paradise, with another 12″ coming soon. Solo he’s released a 7″ on the American label Universal Cave and a 7″ on the Swedish label Fasaan Recordings (run by some of the guys behind Wildlife Records, Malmö) which he’s  also affiliated with. Apart from the upcoming 12″ on Passport To Paradise Dan’s  working on a split 12″ with his  mate Rizzolo DJ who’s in the same aforementioned Nemas Problemas crew.

eclec0034 | Joseph Manning | Ocean Recordings | 04|12|12

Joseph has put together a mix that really explores the boundaries of music for us.. It’s to hard to categorize so it’s plainly titled seafaring and you’ll hear why whilst listening….

Joseph is also a member of Ménage à Trois alongside Craig Langton and Jonathan Flanders. They met in Manchester in 2008 when they were around 18. 4 years ago they recorded their first song, a cover of islands in the stream, which all their friends liked so much they decided to release it and continue to record. Their first album, Australia part III will be released next spring by Cracki Records. 

Listen to other tracks, edits and mixes from Ocean and Menage a Trois in the links below… But first click play and drift away in a seafaring way.

Link to Ocean recordings SoundCloud Page

link to Ocean Recordings Website

eclec0033 | Michael Prestage | 02|12|16

In at 33 with Michael Prestage a co-host of The Funkjunkie Hijack Radio along with Malcolm and Justin.. This mix likes to bounce around a bit in Michael’s own words… He also has his own show starting in Dec Comfortably Numb on BoxFrequencyfm.One look out for… but for now click play…