Nayla | Thai Stick | Album | release |

When asked where Nayla | Hari Nayla | got the  inspiration for his a new album Thai stick.. This was his answer…. (even though the name gives it away)

“I always experience an explosion of creativity when dropped in a foreign, unknown environment. This is exactly what happened with my latest album “Thai Stick”. I moved to Bangkok to explore a new city where I was working by day as a Graphic Designer and by night a DJ in a very small but great music scene. I started the first track “Odyssey Pt. 2” on the plane journey hence the name and from then I didn’t stop making new tracks for 4 months and racked up a folder of about 16 beats. I then scaled this down to the final 8 tracks on the album. I will be moving back to the UK in December where I will be focusing on creating a live show of my own beats using a Roland SP-404 to tour around festivals next year.”

This Album has a broad set of influences Hip hop Jazz World Funk Soul Latin American.. Nayla has created something quite alternative and easy to enjoy.. You be the judge of that have a listen below.

Avaiable to buy here on bandcamp

A little a mix to accompany this feature on Thai Stick.. Click and enjoy a little Hip Hop Journey.


with love form Micky and Grant.

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