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Andy Pye the man behind Balearic Social does Q&A’s for eclectics.

Balearic Social
We are all weightless under the sun

Why release records? Why have a radio show? They are both good questions.

Neither will make you rich but that’s not the point in the words of David Byrne
‘ always for love never for money’.

The Radio show and monthly get together.

Balearic Social came as an answer to wanting to play my record collection to people but generally from home from my record cave it’s not a cave but more like a bunker as my wife would call it.

An old friend who I used to sell records to when I worked as a buyer for HMV had started up a station called Northern Underground, so I contacted him to see if he could help out.

I started off doing a mid-week radio show in early 2011, which lasted probably around 12 months, before some other friends put me in touch with Purple Radio chief  Ian Black.

Eighty-Six had me play over at a small little café bar a night they used to run in Manchester, but they also had a show on Purple Radio and I thought it would probably suit what I was doing.

So lots of shows and amazing guest mixes later, 2017 will see 5 years on Purple-Radio, it’s built itself into a great community for like-minded people. My show runs Sunday mornings 8am – 12pm so if you want to hear some music you might know, but maybe lots you haven’t then check the links below.


Balearic Social also has a monthly night at Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds
First Sat of the month 6pm-Midnight records and friends with myself and Old Pal.


Balearic Social – The Label | BSR001



Around July 2015 I received an email from a guy named Vlad with some songs to see if I’d be interested in them think Paul Byrne (Apiento/Test Pressing) had mentioned me to him as a possible suitor.

That email contained Ziggurat, which as you know was the first release in Dec 2015 from Eirwud Mudwasser.

Being the first release and as I self finance the label, we did a ltd run of 250 which pretty much went in about 8 weeks.

Discogs prices got a bit daft so we repressed this year and there are a few left, but that set a good tone for what was to follow.



Zmatsutsi a mysterious collective of like-minded people who unbeknown to people at the time were Joe Gill Heidi Armitage & Tim Hutton all based in Yorkshire.

Mogadishu went a bit mad, as Harvey had requested the stems to play at his MOS night in London so by the time it came to release the orders went through the roof.
I’d like to say a massive thanks to Hugh at Pacific Beach for pointing it in the direction of Mr Bassett who has pretty much caned the track on his travels worldwide.

The video for Mogadishu shot by the talented Shaun B was short listed for the Leeds International Video Awards just last week if you want to see it you can view on the link here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3740cBQ3kzw

BSR003 Joe Morris – Bahia EP


Balearic Social’s third release and now the pace slowed down somewhat in the shape of Joe’s ep which we had discussed some months earlier when I said I wanted to release these tracks.

I have known Joe for a few years and most will know him as part of the Clandestino collective with Nick & Iain.

One thing I would say is these tracks along with the previous Is it Balearic release Joe has had out capture that sunshine sound which once you get your sound then these tracks hit that spot and Joe has a great ear for sound and texture all four tracks are a thing of beauty.


Tommy Awards – Sessions II


Tommy Awards Sessions II first saw the light as a cassette via Origin Peoples but I’d bought the earlier release’s on Magic Feet I was just surprised at the time that it wasn’t on vinyl.

So I contacted Jeremy at Origin Peoples to see if he could help me make contact and an email went out and within 24 hours Sessions II was lined up as release number 4.

Clocking in at a wonderful 23 minutes each side the record is a masterpiece journey of music which needed a vinyl release. Snippets below..

The artwork

For Ziggurat I knew Jamie Patton as part of a collective i’d played records with called Raised by Wolves and remembered seeing that Jellyfish (or Man o War to precise) piece and knew that was to be the first front cover amazing design hand drawn.

Jamie also designed the record bag/t-shirt Sun & Ocean for Balearic Social.

You can view Jamie’s work via the link


Mogadishu/Bahia EP

Pretty much the artists will allow or should I say trust me with the artwork. Myself and Stuart Daly had become friends over the last few years, he has designed flyers, posters for me and also been responsible for the recent Come Together t-shirt.

For Mogadishu the only conversation myself and Joe Gill had about it that it should be a Space Age Jungle Theme bit like Sun Ra, I think he captured that thought with the sleeve.

Bahia took the sleeves to a whole new level. Based on a design Stuart had done for a calendar a few years ago he had sent me one so when the design for this was decided Stuart mixed a great day and night feel on either side.

If you would like to check Stuart’s work you can view via the link.


Tommy Awards – Sessions II

As with the earlier cassette and vinyl releases Leolyxx (Leo Hallin) has hand drawn the sleeves, so as to keep with tradition this will include the original artwork from Leo.

Leo kindly put a mix together for Balearic Social Radio, which you can download via the Soundcloud here.

You can make contact here.

Archive shows and mixes


Tommy Awards

Tommy Awards put a mix together to go with the Bs004 release click the link below for a listen and download.



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Feature for eclectics By Grant Williams.










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