Coyote’s forthcoming Lp | Song Dogs | Is It Balearic?

Track 2 on side 2 | “no time to play” all I can say is wow!

The Album is hopefully out next Monday the 31st said Timm. Click to below link to listen and add to the cart. Beautiful work Coyote..

Coyote’s release their 4th album ‘Song Dogs’. 7 tracks of percussive electronic mediterranea. Opening side 1 is jamon Y Quesa and chuggy bass driven soundtrack to an early afternoon drive through dusty scrubland to the beach. Track 2 ‘Natural way is a mellow meditation on becoming a clear thinking wise man. Track 3 ‘falling Leaves’ conjurs up lazy moments taking the time to appreciate the beauty the simple things around us. Side 2 close with the haunting and soothing ‘Herbal Remedy” Side 2 Opens with ‘Tanit’s Groove” a beautiful balearic homage to the godess Tanit the warrior goddess of dance, fertility, creation and destruction. the protector goddess of Ibiza. Featuring the Guitar of long time Coyote collaborator Saro Tribastone. Track 2 “No Time To Play ” is a powerful uplifting elecronic groove to welcome a sunrise, ‘I Feel the vibration” Finally the album closes with Cala Conta Sunset. an ambient memory of a brief monent in time on the cliffs of Cala Conta watching then sun set into the mediterranean sea.

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