eclec0013 Alfresco Promotional Mix | Ed Mahon | 08|10|16

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Cowbell Radio co-founder and Alfresco stalwart Ed Mahon is back with another mix, this one showcasing just a few of the many incredible acts lined up for Alfresco 2017!

Over the years the sound of Alfresco has changed but one thing that remains at the forefront is credible, new, underground dance music.
This mix features the slower darker, seedier side of Alfresco’s sound for 2017, all simmering nicely below 110bpm, featuring tracks that have recently been well received on Cowbell Radio, Islington Mill, Carcassonne and of course the Alfresco Launch Boat Party!
Headlining that night (and high on 2017’s bill) were Danielle Moore and Craig Bratley, and they combine on one of the tracks here for Play the Game, remixed by another Alfresco veteran who needs no introduction, Andrew Weatherall.
Danielle’s vocals also feature in her more familiar guise as the vocalist in Cowbell favourites Crazy P, this time layered over a track from Flash Atkins, head honcho of Paper Records (who will also be featured in 2017 by Chris Massey and Leon Sweet following their epic Alfresco after party in 2014 alongside Ed).
Man Power is a great booking for 2017 and has been prolific with high-quality releases this year, Pelame is the latest gem to get an airing on this mix.
In addition to Paper, some other great labels feature in the mix, not least the mighty Nein Records, sponsors of the infamous Igloo at the last 2 Alfresco festivals and home to Alfresco regulars Tronik Youth and Jonah Considine. Here they are represented with Roe Deers, Cabaret Nocturne and the in-form Curses.
Tici Taci has also been responsible for whole host of recent classics and open up this mix with the fabulous Slugrave remix of A Best Man Dead. Label boos Duncan Gray (who rocked the igloo in 2016) also pops up with an epic remix of Pete Callard’s Elixir as the mix builds to a crescendo.
The final tune is a remix of one of Ransom Note’s recent offerings, they sponsored the main stage at this year’s Alfresco and continue to push things forward with their finger on the button. One highlight track on that main stage this year was ‘Piano Weapon’ which is also out now on the Midnight Riot label, which will doubtlessly be well-represented next year with the Balearic/Disco vibe that many of the other headliners will bring.
The first wave of bookings has been confirmed, all details (and tickets) can be found at:
You can also book tickets via Skiddle:
Facebookers can ‘like’ and follow this page for details, announcements, music, etc:
Tune in to Ed and Chinny on to hear the mouthpiece of Alfresco.
If you like this mix and want to hear more of Ed’s Cowbell/Alfresco mixes go to this page to follow and listen:



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