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The name Peza has become somewhat synonymous with the Nu-Disco and Re-edit scene as well as being associated with the darker more acidic end of the spectrum. His releases, remix and collaboration credits include artists such as Damon Albarn, Greg Wilson, Dicky Trisco, Tronik Youth, on labels Maxi Discs, A&R Edits, Midnight Riot, Magic Feet Records, Nein Records, PlayPal music and many more.
Peza has been making music since the 90’s with many prominent labels plus live shows, appearing on the same bill as the likes of Aphex Twin, 808 State and Bentley Rhythm Ace.
He is currently collaborating with Greg Wilson on the prolific Super Weird Substance label, working with a collective of musicians and vocalists, contributing greatly to last years releases on the label. The work last year with S.W.S culminated in a whole day take over at Festival No.6, Portmeirion, in the form of a ‘Super Weird Happening’, with Peza performing two DJ sets over the weekend and also appearing live on stage playing keyboards with Black Grape frontman Kermit Leveridge and the Super Weird Society.
That live performance has prompted Peza to continue to develop a completely live set using mainly analog hardware instruments that will consist of dynamic performances and improvised acid grooves with flavours of disco, funk and all things deep!
2015 saw Peza collaborating with friend and fellow composer Mike Smith, keyboard player and musical director for Blur and Gorillaz. Peza and Mike travelled to China and New York, writing the score for a new show directed and conceived by world renowned director Chen Shi-Zheng, the director of Damon Albarn’s ‘Monkey – A Journey To The West’. Peza and Mike wrote and produced the 80 minute score for the show which opened in New York to critical acclaim.
With live shows, DJ’ing, producing and composing already penned for 2016, its looking like another busy one!
Peza is available for DJ bookings worldwide.
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Coyote’s forthcoming Lp | Song Dogs | Is It Balearic?

Track 2 on side 2 | “no time to play” all I can say is wow!

The Album is hopefully out next Monday the 31st said Timm. Click to below link to listen and add to the cart. Beautiful work Coyote..

Coyote’s release their 4th album ‘Song Dogs’. 7 tracks of percussive electronic mediterranea. Opening side 1 is jamon Y Quesa and chuggy bass driven soundtrack to an early afternoon drive through dusty scrubland to the beach. Track 2 ‘Natural way is a mellow meditation on becoming a clear thinking wise man. Track 3 ‘falling Leaves’ conjurs up lazy moments taking the time to appreciate the beauty the simple things around us. Side 2 close with the haunting and soothing ‘Herbal Remedy” Side 2 Opens with ‘Tanit’s Groove” a beautiful balearic homage to the godess Tanit the warrior goddess of dance, fertility, creation and destruction. the protector goddess of Ibiza. Featuring the Guitar of long time Coyote collaborator Saro Tribastone. Track 2 “No Time To Play ” is a powerful uplifting elecronic groove to welcome a sunrise, ‘I Feel the vibration” Finally the album closes with Cala Conta Sunset. an ambient memory of a brief monent in time on the cliffs of Cala Conta watching then sun set into the mediterranean sea.



Like the Byzantines centuries earlier, non-believers travelled across continents to escape the moral, spiritual and political corruption of their homelands. Seeking consolamentum, they sought safety on high ground above the Languedoc. They sought catharsis.

The end of September saw the fourth edition of Convenanza, the festival hosted by Bernie Fabre and Benjamin Esteve in their home city of Carcassonne, southern France. The three night medieval music extravaganza is curated by Andrew Weatherall, and as such is a deserving tribute to The Guvnor’s undeniable imprint on generations of off-centre electronic music lovers. For more than a quarter of a century he has been part of our lives, intertwined even when we may have jumped ship to other musical forms. He was always in the fabric.

I guess one my first Weatherall revelations was something like this. It was 1990 and me and me best friends were drinking endless and ritual pots…

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